Sunday, December 1, 2013

This is me with a Yellow Spotted Salamander!
Hello all! My name is Hailey Luedtke and I am a contributor to the Wild Thangz group. I am also currently a Junior in Environmental Biology at SUNY ESF. I am curious and excited to learn and distribute information about animals in captivity to help inform the public. I have always had a sense of adventure, and in doing so I've developed an interest in all forms of life. Animals, plants and insects all play important roles in our lives and it is necessary that we make sure they are treated with respect. I hope you enjoy this blog and develop more educated opinions about this topic!

Macallan Durkin

I'm Macallan! I'm a freshman at SUNY ESF and i'm a Wild Thang! I've always loved animals and have learned a lot about taking care of them and the rules and regulations that are on animals in captivity. I've had animals from alligators to sugar glider, from coatimundis to patagonian cavies (above). I love my animals and i like to utilize my captivity of them to educate the world on the beauty that comes from nature and the importance of preservation of these animals and their environment. You need a home for an animal? call me up. You want to know some random WILD fact about some species? I'm your girl! Read through our blog and contribute to our weekly elements to find out more about having and handling animals in captivity!
Hey! My name is Nick Douglas, a member of the Wild Thangz, and a contributor to the blog. I am a junior at ESF in the environmnetal biology program with a focus on law. My group and I are looking into public opinion on captive animals, and getting people interested in the topic.